FAQ About the Contract Ratification Vote

What is the contract ratification vote?

What are the terms of the tentative agreement that we’re voting on? 

When would the changes in this tentative agreement go into effect? 

Why would I vote Yes in the contract ratification vote?

What happens if the result of the vote is Yes (to ratify the contract)?

What happens if the result of the vote is No (not to ratify the contract)?

If members vote to accept this tentative agreement, would we be able to ask for more benefits during the lifetime of the contract?

What are arguments in favor of accepting this tentative agreement?

What are arguments in favor of rejecting this tentative agreement?

How can I get more information or give feedback? 

How long is the vote open? How will we be notified of the results?

How can I vote?

Who can vote?

Other Common Frequently asked questions:

Why Union?

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions about why we formed a union:

What is WPI-Graduate workers union (WPI-GWU)?

Why are student workers forming a union at WPI?

What is collective bargaining?

Why did we choose the UAW?

What is the difference between the Graduate Student Government (GSG) and a union?

Once we form a union, how do we participate in the process?

Will international students benefit from joining the UAW?

What are the rights of international students to join the union?

Can WPI retaliate against me or put my visa at risk for participating in a union?

What are union dues and when would we start paying?

Where would our union dues go?

Will we have to strike?

Where will the money come from for pay increases?

Will having a union damage my relationship with my PI/Advisor?

My PI does not have a lot of money. Will a union hurt our PIs or lead to fewer positions?

Does everyone in a union have to make the same amount?

I heard an administrator say if we unionize and negotiate pay increases, we might have fewer jobs overall.

Would I be included in the student worker union?