Here are all our current proposals as they stand, and you can view each of the counter proposals by clicking on their date:

Contract ProvisionUnion ProposalUniversity Proposal
Appointments Notification1/25/2023
Appointment Security1/25/2023
Job Posting1/18/20231/25/2023
Grievance and Arbitration1/18/2023
No Strike/No Lockout—–1/25/2023 (Initial)
Discipline and Dismissal1/18/20231/25/2023
Employment Files1/11/20231/25/2023
Health and Safety1/11/20231/25/2023
Non-Resident and Non-Citizen Graduate Worker Rights and Protections1/25/2023
Intellectual Property1/25/2023
Severability1/18/2023Tentative Agreement
Titles and Classifications1/11/2023
Workspace and materials1/18/2023
Union Management Committee1/11/20231/25/2023
Union Access and Rights1/25/2023
Union Security1/25/2023

Here are the most recent updates for Bargaining

Bargaining Session 03 Update

Subject: UPDATE: Report from the Third Bargaining Session with Admin Hello All, TLDR; Bargaining Committee (BC) met with WPI admin ...
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UPDATE: Report from the Second Bargaining Session with Admin

Hello All,  TLDR; Bargaining Committee (BC) met with WPI admin yesterday to solidify a schedule for bargaining sessions, present the ...
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WPI-GWU Initial Bargaining Goals

We, the graduate workers of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) present the following contract demands to (1) improve our working conditions, ...
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Meet the WPI-GWU Bargaining Committee

Abhinav Gandhi As an international student, I have had to worry about VISA fees, understanding cryptic healthcare systems, and finding ...
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Notice of Nominations

This is an exciting time in our union! We have a chance to elect a diverse group of student representatives ...
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Bargaining Committee Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the bargaining committee is to negotiate an initial collective bargaining agreement with the WPI administration’s team ...
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