TLDR: The bargaining committee met with WPI on Wednesday (7/12); it was our turn to present an economic package. A group of grad workers delivered the petition, signed by a majority of our unit, to President Wang’s Office demanding the University stop dragging out negotiations. They know what they need to do–we know they can do better; we expect better; and we WILL WIN better. Next bargaining session will be on Monday, 7/17.

The Bargaining Committee met with WPI administration on Wednesday (7/12); where we presented our economics package to their team (see our package here). To see what their last offer was on 6/28, you can check it out here, as well as all prior proposals here. During the bargaining session, we presented all outstanding proposals. At this time, given the limited time for their team to discuss and provide a counter-offer, we do not have any further proposals from their team. However, we reached tentative agreements on both Appointments and Non-Resident/Non-Citizen Worker Rights and Protections, which inches us closer to a contract!

WPI has been trying to pressure us into finishing up this contract quickly on their terms, saying that there will be more administrative work to make adjustments and we will have to be paid negotiated raises retroactively if we do not complete the contract by 7/15. While we would like to have a contract completed as soon as possible, we are not willing to accept any economics package that lacks financial security and protections. In an effort to move negotiations quicker, we have agreed to schedule a bargaining session for this upcoming Monday, July 17th, to hear their counter-offer to our proposals from this last session.

Interested in joining the effort to help us win an amazing first contract? Have ideas for a kickass strategy? Fill out this short sign-up to help organize! Always feel free to reach out, and otherwise, look out for communications from organizers.

In solidarity,

Your WPI-GWU Bargaining Committee
Andrew McReynolds, Sabine Hahn, Gabriela Rovi, Abhinav Gandhi & Jake Scarponi

Our offer is on the table – how will WPI respond?